This month's highs and lows

Temperature and humidity
Highest Temperature28.1 °Cat 13:29, on 07 October
Lowest Temperature12.6 °Cat 07:46, on 08 October
Highest Minimum17.6 °C17 October
Lowest Maximum17.7 °C01 October
Highest Apparent Temperature29.0 °Cat 14:34, on 07 October
Lowest Apparent Temperature9.0 °Cat 08:14, on 08 October
Highest Heat Index29.3 °Cat 14:42, on 07 October
Lowest Wind Chill Temperature11.4 °Cat 08:06, on 08 October
Highest Dew Point18.8 °Cat 14:42, on 07 October
Lowest Dew Point5.6 °Cat 07:37, on 08 October
Highest Humidity96%at 06:45, on 01 October
Lowest Humidity43%at 19:20, on 19 October
Largest Daily Range11.9 °C22 October
Smallest Daily Range3.2 °C01 October
High Monthly Inside Temperature21.7 °C13:00
Low Monthly Inside Temperature17.4 °C13:00
High Monthly Inside Humidity70%13:00
Low Monthly Inside Humidity52%13:00
Total rainfall so far22.2 mm 
Highest Rain Rate67.4 mm/hrat 17:18, on 07 October
Highest Hourly Rainfall5.4 mmat 04:07, on 01 October
Highest Daily Rainfall17.6 mm01 October
Longest Dry Period15 Day22 October
Longest Wet Period3 Day02 October
Highest Wind Gust46.7 km/hat 16:08, on 07 October
Highest Wind Speed 10-minute Average26.4 km/hat 16:13, on 07 October
Highest Daily Wind Run258.8 km08 October
Pressure (sea level)
Lowest Pressure992.18 hPaat 00:14, on 24 October
Highest Pressure1018.83 hPaat 12:05, on 15 October